About Managed HealthCare Resources

Managed Healthcare Resources (MHR), Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1991 by Susan K. Moore, RN, who holds the position of President and CEO.  MHR is a boutique consulting firm helping organizations prepare for accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). MHR is headquartered in southeast Michigan and operates throughout the US. MHR is the only woman-owned business with a niche of NCQA accreditation and supporting activities that uses only very experienced health plan accreditation staff and is comprised of a high volume of NCQA surveyors with extensive intellectual property of templates, tools, and training.

Susan was the solo consultant when she founded MHR in 1991. She worked with clients needing assistance for either NCQA or URAC. However, in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act was enacted, organizations' demand for NCQA accreditation sharply grew.  She decided to cease any focus on URAC standards and move to concentrate solely on NCQA. 

As market demand grew for her consultative services, Susan made a second decision, which was to incrementally add more consultants to the MHR team, of which there are now 13 in addition to Susan.  Experience Matters

However, Susan does not add just “anyone” as a consultant. Her entry requirements are high and continual training on NCQA is imperative.  MHR consultants are experts in their field and have the credentials, knowledge, and experience you would expect in a firm consulting on NCQA.

Because of Susan’s and the consultants’ vast experience and the relationships they have built over time, MHR is privileged to have numerous contacts and systems in place to support the team in the services we provide to our clients. This depth also adds to our flexibility.

Susan has full responsibility, authority, and oversight of all activities within MHR. She manages all operations, client acquisition, presentation development, and finances.  She makes periodic touch base calls with clients and conducts post-survey client satisfaction surveys to help guide continual quality improvement of MHR’s services.  Susan interviews and onboards all new consultants, oversees their training, and provides general oversight of her team.

To maintain the brand of rigor and detailed preparation work that Susan’s clients appreciate, significant resources are expended to transition new consultants from their former roles in accreditation within organizations to working with MHR clients. New consultants find a new scope of accreditation that they were not used to previously due to the wide scope of health plan variances across the country, all lines of business, simple to complex (single site, multiple entity health plans) derivative product clients who are frequently delegates of health plans. This provides them with a 360-degree view of accreditation and a great deal of value to clients.

Not only do consultants receive initial training and monitoring of work by experienced consultants, but they also have ongoing training in standards applications and nuances during Lunch and Learn sessions and monthly team meetings. This provides great consistency among consultants, no matter what their background is. All new consultants must attend file reviews for different entities with the experienced consultant leading the discussion and then perform file reviews with the experienced consultant monitoring the review. This occurs even if the consultant is an NCQA surveyor, as many surveyors do not have the vast experience with different organizations as the established MHR consultants do. We have also performed inter-rater reliability on actual sanitized cases to evoke discussion on difficult issues and nuances of the standards. This rigor of orientation, monitoring, and training is not done by any other consulting organization but leads to client satisfaction with MHR services.

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