About Susan Moore

Susan founded Managed HealthCare Resources after being the Director of Operations for a managed care company and has  extensive background in health plan operations, URAC and NCQA accreditations, home health care, presentation development and  speaking engagements.

She personally has worked with over 50  organizations nationally for accreditation and  regulatory compliance.  She has retained one client since 1997 that services the Medicaid population.


Susan is the founder and president of MHR

Susan incorporated Managed Healthcare Resources, Inc. in 1991 and is based in southeast Michigan. Susan had just left corporate life as Director of Operations in managed care and wanted to leave corporate life for more flexibility as she navigated her third pregnancy and full-time executive master’s program. She originally focused on regulatory and
accreditation requirements, moved to work solely on NCQA and URAC accreditation, and has now limited  accreditation preparation with NCQA standards

As President and CEO, Susan has full responsibility, authority  and oversight of all activities within the company. She manages all operations within the company, including client acquisition, presentation development, finances, post-survey client satisfaction, periodic touch base calls with clients, interview and initial onboarding of new consultants, oversight of new consultant training, and oversight of all consultants. 

In January 1996 she became an NCQA surveyor. When the Affordable Care Act was enacted and 85% of organizations new to accreditation chose to pursue NCQA accreditation. Therefore, because the demand was so great, she ceased keeping current on URAC standards and focused solely on assisting organizations in meeting NCQA requirements. She has incrementally added consultants to the group to meet market demands. 

Susan then had more work than she could physically handle. At the same time, a former client staff member contacted Susan to enter consulting so she could have more control over her scheduling but did not know how to start. This opportunity became the first of adding several consultants to the team. With her longevity in consulting, Susan had gained considerable knowledge that she could impart to new consultants, while providing a financial safety net for those who wished to go into consulting.

Additionally, she had written many proposals, had extensive networks and contacts along with the systems in place to support the consultants. This dynamic of those who wanted to become consultants but did not have the contacts nor the support for how to consult matched up with MHR who had many clients, and at that time had 25 years of consulting experience and expertise but needed more consultants to provide services.

Susan holds a MHSA from the University of Michigan, a Bachelors of Science from Bob Jones University and her RN diploma from Henry Ford Hospital. 

Susan resides in Michigan with her husband and when she is not working she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, reading and gardening. 

Susan spoke nationally for three years for Pfizer on case management, NCQA accreditation, and health disparities. She also co taught credentialing in accreditation on behalf of NCQA and co-developed and presented a two-day conference for NCQA accreditation readiness.

Most recently she presented at the National Association of Healthcare Quality’s national conference on health care disparities. 

 In July of 2022, Susan was featured on the "Grow Your Independent Consulting Business" podcast with Melisa Liberman. Listen here

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