To provide accreditation readiness and support through consulting services that are provided with integrity, humility, and stewardship of client resources by knowledgeable and experienced consultants who have walked in your shoes, understand your situation, and work within a company culture that is conducive to achieving this and delighting the client along the journey.



We empower healthcare organizations to reach their fullest potential through successful NCQA accreditation, driving excellence, and raising the bar in healthcare quality standards.



We dedicate ourselves to the success of our clients and each other. In doing so, we offer our values to the recipients of our service, including the organizations and its members, and to the MHR team, who eagerly and respectfully provide our products and services.

  • Trust is precious, is not easily earned nor taken lightly, and is based on honesty and integrity. Integrity is the basis on which we serve each other and our clients. If we make mistakes, we do not hide them. We acknowledge and embrace mistakes as a learning experience for our team.
  • We treat each other and our clients with respect. We work together collegially as a team to meet client needs.
  • We embrace excellence in our work. “Good enough” is not our philosophy nor our work ethic. In striving for excellence, we do not add unnecessary time to achieve perfection.
  • We are highly member-focused and strongly believe that the NCQA accreditation requirements assist organizations in improving care and service to members. We challenge our clients to set the bar high to meet industry best practices.
  • We are stewards of our client’s budgets and guardians of their money. We do not recommend unnecessary projects that will primarily benefit us financially. We do not bill for any mistake from our consulting services that negatively impacts a client’s accreditation survey or budget.
  • We value detail, precision, and accuracy in all documentation, as these qualities are critical to our client’s success with accreditation.
  • We value each other’s time, so we make it easy to work together, anticipating your needs, creating learning opportunities, engaging in a plan to meet deadlines, and being available to meet reasonable client internal timelines.
  • We value our client’s perspectives on their culture and operations and provide humble consulting to their questions.
  • We teach, coach, and mentor our clients to “fish” instead of “fishing” for them. We empower staff to build their knowledge and ability to lead others in accreditation readiness. We promote independence while coming alongside to provide enough support to assure success.
  • We value education but know it is not a cure-all. Knowledge transfer is two-sided. We train clients on the standards but understand that people are at different levels of readiness to learn. We also appreciate that people learn at different paces, so we mentor and coach them in a way conducive to their individual learning needs.
  • We empathize and work compassionately with each other and with our clients. We do not always know the difficult situations at work and home that each is encountering.
  • We value creativity in meeting client challenges and developing tools and services to best meet their needs.

To best serve our clients, we make this commitment to our consultants: 

  • We value the people who work here. While we work hard to meet our clients’ needs, we also recognize the need for balance in our consultants’ lives. We better serve our clients with renewed energy by taking the time to refresh and replenish our minds and bodies. 
  • Our consultants are not expected to work outside regular business hours, meaning late at night or on weekends. Consultants may opt to work those hours, but that is on an exception basis based on their preference and is not the ongoing expectation of MHR.
  • We support our teammates by providing guidance and knowledge gained through experience so they can reach their highest potential for themselves and our clients.
  • We value ongoing education, curiosity, and growth for the consultants. We do not want to become stagnant, as the healthcare environment is ever-changing, and we need to keep current and constantly learn to provide knowledgeable support to clients.

Only consultants and clients who embrace these values continue to work with MHR, as these are our core values and are essential and foundational for who we are and what we do. 

Client Engagement

  • MHR is highly member-focused. In our consultation, we provide a perspective to clients on whether the organization presents unnecessary barriers to members that could negatively impact their satisfaction and care. If we observe a persistent client culture that lacks concern for members, MHR may seek to terminate the client engagement for cause.
  • MHR does not engage with clients wishing to “buy their accreditation,” meaning MHR does not do the work that an organization usually does. Only in limited circumstances and temporarily will we develop documentation to model what is needed.
  • MHR provides expert consultation on NCQA preparedness. If clients choose to ignore or do not implement our advice and recommendations, we respect their decisions. It is their organization and their accreditation, not ours.