Case Study #2: Potential Client Did Not Listen

Recently an organization asked for a proposal, and MHR was one of the three finalists. 

Recently an organization asked for a proposal, and MHR was one of the three finalists. Two of the consulting organizations recommended a First Survey to be completed in less than 24 months after consulting started. This organization was a Medicaid/Medicare home and community-based organization that had been in business for 20 years, and now the State was mandating accreditation.

The President has been in a situation like this before and recommended obtaining an Interim Survey within six months (very doable) and then a First Survey within the constraints of the State-mandated timeline. The President has seen the havoc wreaked on government entity organizations like this that are not data-driven and have never had to meet accreditation requirements.

It is much easier to take baby steps. When forced to jump into a First Survey, there can be massive staff turnover, passive-aggressive behavior, difficulty changing staff behavior, which results in potential corrective action plans by NCQA and a black eye for the organization.

The Vice President stated that if two organizations determined that a First Survey should be pursued, then MHR needed to modify the proposal to include that provision. Although this could be a lucrative project, and MHR had longer and more extensive experience than the competitors, the President withdrew from the fray. With 30 years of experience, the President sees red flags in the discussion: 1) the VP was not willing to listen to the recommendations from a more seasoned consultant and hear of the impact on staff, 2) It did not seem that he had a concern about the impact on staff, and 3) it was a red flag that they would do whatever they wanted without listening to the consultant.

Therefore, If there is no partnership, it would be dissatisfying to work with that client. Subsequent research reflected that the projected consequences of the attempt at a First Survey was exactly what the President had predicted.

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