Monique D. Fields, BA

Monique joined the team in 2022

Monique Fields has nearly ten years’ experience working with health plans and MBHOs in achieving NCQA accreditation. Her areas of expertise include quality improvement, physician and hospital directories, behavioral health utilization management programs and file reviews, member and provider communications, and delegation oversight. Monique began working as an NCQA Administrative Surveyor in 2022. Monique joined Managed Healthcare Resources in 2022 as a Healthcare Consultant.

Monique worked with Health Republic Insurance of New Jersey (HRINJ), one of 23 non-profit health insurance co-ops created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). During her time with HRINJ, she led the organization through its Interim and First Health Plan Accreditation surveys. In addition, Monique laid the groundwork for the quality committee structure and delegation oversight activities.

Afterward, Monique joined Humana as part of Humana’s Corporate Accreditation team, which manages the organization’s NCQA accreditation surveys across 13 different legal entities in 14 states for the Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid lines of business. She regularly consulted with stakeholders throughout the enterprise on activities related to accreditation requirements, assisted in creating documented processes, materials, and reports, and conducted file reviews. She led Humana’s final NCQA MBHO survey submission in 2017.

Monique has worked on NCQA surveys for Interim, First, and Renewal evaluation options, as well as single site multiple entity (SSME), national and corporate surveys.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Business Administration, from St. John’s University.

Monique resides in New Jersey. Outside work, she enjoys traveling, spending time with her loved ones, and continuing her studies as an herbalist.

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