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Nov 16, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving from Managed Healthcare Resources

Thanksgiving is approaching, and we, at MHR, would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to you. We are in business for you, and because of you. You have helped transform MHR from a company of one to a boutique firm for NCQA preparation. 

  •  We are grateful for you, our clients, whom we have worked with over the years, and those new to us.

    Since 1991 we have worked with 100 clients across the US.  You are from all product lines and types of organizations.


  • We are grateful for your trust and confidence as we guide and assist you through your NCQA journey.

   Almost all of our clients have come back to us for repeat surveys. Your reliance on us gives us the momentum to seek new strategies to help you succeed.   


  • We are grateful for the joy we experience through the achievement of your NCQA goals.

   We delight in your achievements and celebrate with you, knowing that your success has improved the quality of care and service to millions of members nationwide.


  • We are grateful to work with so many talented and knowledgeable professionals with common goals.

   We are humbled by the thousands of professionals with whom we have had the opportunity to work, striving for one common goal--NCQA accreditation/certification for the betterment of healthcare.


  • We are grateful for the bonds and friendships we have formed with you over time.

  You are not only “clients” but also colleagues and friends with whom we have shared many life events.


  • We are grateful for your feedback on our products and services.

  Your opinions and comments are a gift to us, and we take them seriously as we continue to build upon your needs.


  • We are grateful for your referrals, testimonials, and recommendations, as they are our biggest compliment.

   Your success is our success. And when you tell others about us, we are very appreciative!


For over 31 years, you have selected MHR as your consultant for NCQA preparation, and for that, we are honored and forever thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. May it be filled with an abundance of love, joy, health, and, most of all, gratitude!


Susan and the team at MHR

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